Scavenger Hunt Registration

The Burlington Community Fund

Welcome to the Burlington Community Fund Scavenger Hunt.

Participants will be tasked with finding and perhaps discovering 10 popular Burlington locations. Pay the $25 registration fee below to receive your clue to the first location. There you should find a laminated QR code with the letters BCF on the bottom. This will take you to the second clue and so on. Keep track of the 10 places, you will need to list them at the end.


The QR code at the last location will take you to a webpage form. List all 10 locations and hit submit.


Submit your correct answers by December 19th to be entered into a drawing for two gift certificates to Sherman's Tap House.

The registration fee is $25 and can be paid using the link below.

All proceeds benefit the Burlington Community Fund.

Got Questions?

Call or text Paul at 860-276-7134